Huobi Prime 6 Trading Guide

 Trading FAQs    |      2019-09-03

Prime Eligibility

Participants must maintain a minimum HT position during the HT Holding Period stated below to be eligible for Prime trading. Each individual can place orders up to a maximum quantity (see Trading Quota based on HT holding during the holding period) across all Prime trading rounds. 

Changes to Listing Rules:

  1. Trading Pairs: Users can buy/sell directly on Huobi Global HT zone.
  2. Participation Eligibility Criteria: In this phase, there will be two (2) ways of obtaining Prime participation eligibility:

i) Minimum Daily Holding of 1,000HT starting from the 6th Prime Listing to the upcoming Prime round (i.e. HT Holding Period:00:00:00, August 15, 2019 - 23:59, September 10, 2019 GMT+8). Dateline for HT Position Accumulation: Aug 15, 00:00:00 (GMT+8)

ii) *Purchase Whole Network’s Acute Angle phone (AA Phone) to receive 3,000HT equivalent participation eligibility.

Acute Angle Phone Sale


*Important: Phone Buyer Channel landing page only supports Chinese language only. Users are advised to review product details via Whole Network’s official website and determine if the product is suitable for their use before committing to any purchase. Click for Acute Angle's details.

  1. Listing Criteria: The project will be eligible for Prime listing if 5000 units or more for are sold during the initial sale. Otherwise, Prime VI listing will be cancelled and the HT spent by the user to purchase the phone will be returned to the account.’

 A) Trading Quota Based on Daily HT Holding (random snapshot):


1st Round: The more HT held during the Holding Period, the more tickets an eligible user receives, the greater the chances of getting a fixed-value allocation per ticket. Every ticket should make 1000 HT order. Orders will be partly matched up to the trading cap of all tickets matched per user.

2nd Round: All eligible users can receive some allocation, although allocation quantity may be uncertain and subject to their remaining trading quota / cap.

B) Trading Quota of AA *Phone Buyers:

HBG users who receive Prime 6 quota (cap) via the phone purchase method shall receive the equivalent quota of 1,000HT when they submit an order of 100HT:


a) In Price Limit Round 1, phone buyers who purchase the phone will receive 3,000HT Prime trading quota. Users who hold at minimum 300HT in their account and places a HT order >=300, they will receive 3 tickets.

b) In Price Limit Round 2, users can place orders up to their remaining order quota (cap) in HT (computed in multiple of 10) as stated above. The 2nd round trading quota = all trading quota – used quota in the 1st round.

Recommended PRIME Channel


 1. If a HT Holder who has >= 3,000HT Prime Eligibility AND also purchases the AA Phone, his Prime Eligibility will remain unchanged (>=3,000HT), but he has the option to place a smaller order as per Phone Buyers (BENEFIT: requires less HT).

For example: If a HT Holder who has 5,000HT Prime Eligibility subsequently purchases the Phone, he gets to place an order of only 500HT under the Phone Buyer channel (HT Holders with 5,000HT without phone purchase would have had to submit order of up to 5,000HT for equivalent allocation).

2. If a HT Holder who does not hold up to 3,000HT Prime Eligibility, and subsequently purchases the Phone, he can trade on Prime under the Phone Buyer User channel available on Web, Client and APP (latest version).

Price Limit Round Summary



 (10 minutes per Round: 1) 1st 10 min trading; 2)10 min clearance; 3) 2nd 10 min trading)

3-Steps for Prime Trading (HT Zone)

Step One: Confirm Prime Eligibility (Access this site after login). 

Step Two: Login to HBG 20 minutes ahead of time via web, app or client.

  • First, open up website, click Huobi Prime Ad on top;
  • Second, click Huobi Prime Ad in banner to access Prime Trading page;

On PC Web

On Mobile

Web01.png App01.png

Step Three: When countdown ends, input ‘Order Amount‘ (less than individual cap) + click “Buy AKRO’ + complete slide authentication.

On PC Web

On Mobile

Web02.png App02.png

Orders will be placed after slide authentication (required for bot defence), and the system will match orders.

Slider Authentication

On PC Web

On Mobile

Slide01A.PNG  Slide02.png

For Round 1: if orders successfully matched, click “Balance”, you will see the amount of tokens acquired.

For Round 2: Users with unused individual cap can place limit buy orders. Successful placement can only be confirmed once system allocation is completed after the 5-minute trading session is over.  

In each Prime Trading round, when 5 minutes is reached, or total tokens available for trading are sold out, Prime Trading is complete.


  1. Slide authentication system might experience delays due to network issues, please wait patiently;
  2. During Prime Trading stage, users can place sell orders, however individual cap will not recover if orders successfully execute;
  3. Trading Protection: In order to avoid extreme price volatility due to exuberance, we will restrict the use of market orders within 5 minutes after official trading opens and users are unable to place orders at prices 5 times higher than the highest tradable price during our Second Price Limit Round.

Disclaimer: Huobi Prime will not, under any circumstances, make price forecasts or representations as to the asset’s investment characteristics. Huobi Prime will not provide any trading or financial advice and Huobi Prime users should conduct independent analysis including, where appropriate, taking third party legal, tax and financial advice.  Huobi Prime is limited to users from jurisdictions where digital asset trading is a permissible activity and no regulatory restrictions apply.

As a digital asset service provider, Huobi Global makes no warranty, representation or guarantee regarding all matters (e.g. logo, price, product features) regarding the Acute Angle phone provisioned by Whole Network and thus shall have no liability for the accuracy of the information and cannot be held liable for any third-party claims or losses of any damages. Huobi Global reminds users to exercise caution before purchase of any product or services. Product enquiries relating to the Acute Angle phone should be directed to the Whole Network Official website.