Agreement on Savings

 行業新聞    |      2020-08-20

Dear user,

Before you subscribe our Savings products, please carefully read the Agreement on Savings.

I. Basic Product Description

Huobi Savings provide products to enable you deposit and subscribe for specific digital assets to receive income according to maturity and yield rates.
Flexible Savings:products that you can subscribe and redeem at any time, with interest calculated on a daily basis.
Locked Savings: products that you can only subscribe within announced time, with interest calculated according to fixed term and interest rate. The products will be redeemed automatically to your exchange account when it expires.
Promotions:products are launched irregularly, with limit supply within announced time.

II. Special Clauses

i. The user commits and confirms that he/she has carefully read the User Agreement of this website/platform and the Agreement on Savings, and is willing to be bound by the User Agreement and the Agreement on Savings .
ii. We have the right to suspend or terminate the product in advance if:
a. Product termination is required by regulatory authorities or by laws and regulations;
b. We are unable to continue to perform the Agreement on Savings due to force majeure and/or accidents; or
c. There are other circumstances in which we deem it necessary to terminate the product in light of market conditions.
iii. If we terminate the product in advance, we will transfer the user’s due earnings to the user’s account within two days.
iv. Only users in some markets who meet the KYC requirements of the platform can subscribe the products.
v. This Agreement on Savings is an important part of the User Agreement of the platform. Matters not agreed herein shall be governed by the User Agreement.

III. User’s Representations and Warranties

i. The user is a qualified user who complies with the applicable laws and regulations and can identify, judge and bear the relevant risks of the Savings products at its/her/his own.
ii. The user has full capacity for civil conducts and has full and proper qualification and capabilities necessary for entering into and performing this Agreement on Savings.
iii. The fund used by the user to purchase the Savings products is from a legal source, and the use of such fund for transactions under this Agreement on Savings and the conclusion and performance of this Agreement on Savings by the user does not violate any statute or any other laws, regulations, rules, requirements, rulings or orders governing the user or assets thereof, nor does it violate any contract, agreement or commitment that restricts or affects the user or assets thereof. The user fully understands the relevant rights, obligations and risks, and is willing to bear the investment risks involved therein.
iv. The user may not use the Savings products or this Agreement on Savings to engage in any illegal activity.

IV. Force Majeure and/or Accidents

Factors that are beyond the control of Huobi such as force majeure and/or changes in state policies, IT system failures, communication system failures, power system failures, may affect the establishment, operation, information disclosure, announcement and notification of the products, as a result of which return on the Savings may be reduced or even subject to losses. Any and all such losses caused by force major or accidents shall be borne exclusively by the user and Huobi shall not be held liable in any manner whatsoever.
If Huobi is unable to continue performing this Agreement on Savings due to force majeure and/or accidents hereunder, Huobi shall have the right to terminate this Agreement on Savings in advance, liquidate the Savings products and pay the proceeds therefrom into the user's account if any.

V. Risk Disclosure

The Users fully understand the nature, risks and possible losses of the Savings products. The Users consider prudently whether to subscribe the Savings products according to their own objectives, investment experience, financial status, risk tolerance and other relevant factors. The specific risks listed in this Risk Disclosure are not intended to exhaust all risks involved in the Savings products.
i. Policy Risks: BTC and other digital assets, and the current laws, regulations and regulatory policies of various countries only provide unclear or limited regulation of the trading of BTC and other digital assets. In view of this, the digital-assets-based Savings products are subject to the risk of being declared as illegal by relevant applicable laws, regulations or policies.
ii. Risk that Huobi will not be able to honor its commitment to the product return due to force majeure events: If Huobi goes bankrupt due to any extreme force majeure event or the price of digital assets collapses due to any other extreme force majeure event, Huobi may be unable to honor its commitment to return interest or principal to users.

VI. Notification

The user confirms and agrees that the email address or telephone number submitted by the user upon account registration shall be valid ways of delivering notices. Any information that Huobi needs to notify the user of may only be delivered to the email address or telephone number provided by the user upon account registration. Where the user fails to receive any notice of Huobi due to any problem with the email address or telephone number provided by the user (including, but not limited to, any error in such email address or telephone number, such email address or telephone number is not legally owned by the user, or is lost or stolen), any and all losses arising from such failure shall be borne solely by the user.