We’re Giving Away 60,000 USDT in Our Summer Invitational Event!

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Activity Period: 08:00, June 11 – 08:00, June 20 (UTC)

Activity 1: Invite Friends to Share 50,000 USDT

During the activity period, registered users can invite friends to activate USDT-margined swaps. Inviters and invitees will win 5 USDT when they trade any amount of USDT-margined swaps. A total prize of 50,000 USDT will be given away on a first-come-first-served basis!

How to Participate:

1. Fill in the Form;

2. Launch your Huobi APP, tap on the portrait icon on the left upper corner, share the invitation link/code or invitation poster to your friends, and invite them to activate USDT-margined swaps trading;

3. Both inviters and invitees shall trade any amount of USDT-margined swaps;

4. Both qualified inviters and invitees can get 5 USDT each. Each user can win up to 30 USDT during this campaign by inviting multiple friends.

Activity 2: Trade to Share 10,000 USDT

During the activity period, registered users whose net trading volume of USDT-margined swaps reaches 1,000 USDT, or whose net

spot trading volume exceeds 500 USDT will receive an equal share of 10,000 USDT.

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Terms & Conditions:

1. Sub-accounts are not qualified to participate in this activity;

2. Only inviters in Activity 1 and participants in Activity 2 who submit the registration form will be eligible to participate in the activity;

3. Rewards will be distributed to users’ cross margin account of Huobi USDT-margined swaps within 7 business days after the activity ends. Users’ USDT-margined swaps accounts should be activated by the end of the activity, otherwise, the rewards will not be distributed;

4. Invitees can invite more friends to activate USDT-margined swaps trading and win more rewards. Each user can win up to 30 USDT;

5. Huobi reserves the right to disqualify users who exhibit any malicious behavior;

6. This activity is limited to non-Chinese citizens; Huobi reserves the right of final interpretation of this event.


Risk reminder: Digital asset derivatives are innovative investment products with significant price fluctuations. Trading digital asset derivatives carries a high level of risk. Please judge your investment ability rationally and make your decisions prudently; Huobi does not take responsibility for any trading behaviors resulting in direct or indirect losses. Huobi reserves the right to modify, revise or cancel the announcement at any time without prior notice.


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