Notice on Suspension of P2P Trading with KRW (2021/08/13)

 Trading FAQs    |      2021-08-13

Dear Huobi Users, 

Because of the quickly developing and evolving nature of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry climate, various countries and regions around the world are constantly adapting and evolving their policies.

Huobi always strives to adhere strictly to the compliance and regulatory standards of each and every country and region we operate in. At this time, Huobi will suspend the P2P trading of KRW on 2021/08/13 at 3:30 PM (UTC).


Please Note: 

 We recommend all clients remove the advertisements of KRW in advance.  

1.  The advertisement functions of KRW will be disabled on 2021/08/13 at 3:30 PM (UTC).

2.  All users are recommended to complete all related P2P trades to avoid any issues.

3.  Trading with other currencies is unaffected.


We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding.  

Please stay tuned for further updates. 


Thank you.

Huobi Global