Huobi Futures Operation Guide (APP)

 Trading FAQs    |      2020-05-14

1.Log in to Huobi APP and you will see "Contract" in the bottom navigation bar. Users can click the avatar in the upper left corner of the "Home" page to view account UID, account center, settings and other information and enter the contact customer service channel. If you have not installed Huobi APP, please click to download:  (Huobi APP download address>>)


2. Click "Contract" in the bottom navigation bar to enter contract trading, and click the list button in the upper left corner to select any delivery contract transaction. If you have not yet opened a delivery contract transaction, click "Open Contract Transaction" and click "OK" on the prompt page.


On the contract opening page, identity verification is required before identity verification is completed. 【How to verify by real name? Please click >>>】 After the identity authentication is completed, enter the user service agreement page. After reading, click "OK", the contract transaction is successfully opened.


3. After Huobi Futures opened. After that, click "···" in the upper right corner of the interface, click "Margin Transfer" in the list, a "prompt" about the full position mode will pop up, click "OK".


On the "Transfer" page, choose to transfer from "Exchange" to "Futures Account", select the currency to transfer, then enter the amount to be transferred, and finally click "Transfer". Currently only supports the exchange between "exchange" and "futures accounts".


4.After the transfer is completed, user can see the account equity in the upper left corner of the page.
Click the list button in the upper left corner and choose your desired contract (such as "BTC Quarter 0626") from the pop-up menu.


5.Select the leverage multiplier depending on the situation. User can choose to open a position with "Limit Order" or "Trigger Order". If you predict the price will rise, open long. Sell short vice versa.

  • Limit Order:

Method 1: Enter the price and quantity to place the order;
Method 2: When selecting the “BBO (Best Bid Offer)” or “The Optimal Top N BBO Price Order”, only quantity needs to be entered to place the order.


  • Advanced Order: Post Only only makes Maker orders, and will not immediately trade in the market. If the order will immediately deal with the existing order, the order will be cancelled. User are ensured to be a Maker. Post only is limited only by the number of user positions. The single order is not restricted by the number of orders placed.
    The advanced limit order on Web and APP only supports the Post Only now. Other order placement methods will be added later. Check out this link for more details:【Limit order description】



6.The completed transaction is displayed in the “Positions”, and the unfilled transaction is displayed in the “Limit order” and “Trigger order” (the order can be cancelled before the deal). If you want to view the current unfilled orders, you can pull down the page, or click "All". In the pop-up interface, click "Order History" to view the history of the last three months.


7.To close a position, users can click the “Close Short” to clear your Short Position, if you want to clear your Long Position, Click the “Close Long”.

  • Switch to the closing interface, and select “Limit Order” or “Trigger Order” to close the position. Click “Close Long” or ”Close Short” .
  • Switch to the position interface and select "Flash Close".More details please refer to 【Flash Close Operation Tutorial >>>】


8.Click "…" in the upper right corner of the page to find “Settings” and view more “Contract Information”.


9.Click "Balances" in the right bottom corner, choose "Contract Account " and contract type to view contract bill.