MonoX Finance (MONO) Introduction

 New Listings    |      2021-11-21

MonoX is a multi-layer, multi-chain DEX that solves the capital inefficiencies created by liquidity pairs, using a single token pool model. 

We use single-sided liquidity by creating a virtual pair with vCASH index tokens. This new protocol design results in lower trading fees, lower capital requirements to deposit for Liquidity Providers, less siloed capital, etc. Projects can also launch their tokens with zero capital required.

It also creates opportunities for additional DeFi products/services such as lending and derivatives markets, as well as offering the most capital-efficient way to trade ‘Value Backed Tokens’ - VBTs, such as NFT shards, synthetics, gaming tokens, and insurance tokens.

Key Features:

At TGE our key features will be: 


  • Trade between any token listed on our platform.
  • Exchanging Token A with Token B always works by swapping Token A to vCASH and then from vCASH to Token B.

Providing Liquidity

  • Deposit tokens in a liquidity pool, receive your share of the pools reserve in the form of LP tokens. You only need to deposit one kind of token.
  • Start earning trading fee rewards for pool activity.

Removing Liquidity

  • Redeem your pro-rata fee rewards by withdrawing/burning your LP tokens.

Official Pools

  • Official pools, main base pairs ETH, MATIC, USDC, USDT (vCASH balance can go below 0).
  • Tokens are deposited into a virtual pair with vCASH.

Trustless Listing Pools

  • Permissionless listing of new tokens
  • vCASH balance cannot go below 0. (User protection feature).

Token distribution and lock-in:


Allocation Rate

Token Release Schedule



Locked in tradable MONO Future Token, 8% unlocked at TGE, unlocking 11.5% every 3 month (24mo).



Locked in tradable MONO Future Token, 13% unlocked at TGE, unlocking 14.5% every 3 month (18mo).

Private I


Locked in tradable MONO Future Token, 16% unlocked at TGE, unlocking 21% every 3 month (12mo).

Private II


Locked in tradable MONO Future Token, 19% unlocked at TGE, unlocking 27% every 3 month (9mo).

Initial Liquidity


MONO in our own Liquidity Pool at TGE/launch.

Token Emissions


Initial reward 42,000 MONO issued per 6,000 blocks decay at 0.999.

Treasury Reserve / Security Insurance


Locked until DAO creation, never sold on open market.



6-month cliff. Vested over 2 years, released every 6 months.

Partners & Advisors


Locked in MONO Future Token, unlocking 25% every 6 month.

Marketing and Ecosystem Growth


50% released on TGE

Project timeline:

Q4 2021 Mainnet Launch - Monoswap and vCASH launch on Ethereum mainnet + Polygon with full swap and liquidity features. 

Q1 2022 Derivatives, more ecosystems supported and cross-chain swap 

Q2 2022 Lending and more derivatives 

Q3 2022 Release IDO and launchpad product 

Q4 2022 Orderbook trading

Team background:

Co-founders in the crypto space since late 2016. The CEO, founder and tech lead have worked together on blockchain side projects since 2016, while working full time as CTO for various start-ups in the AI and E-commerce space and in Venture Capital. The other co-founder is a two-time start-up co-founder, worked previously at ConsenSys, and possesses expertise in business management, growth marketing, and token launches, in addition to his experience working in Venture Capital.

Together, they have scaled the team to 20 people, with 17 developers across three cross-functional scrum teams, and three people on the business development/growth team. 


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